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@ -70,6 +70,6 @@ for `#'evaluate` for more information.
## License
Copyright © Michael Fiano <>.
Copyright © 2021-2022 Michael Fiano <>.
Licensed under the MIT License.

@ -1,10 +1,11 @@
(asdf:defsystem #:cubic-bezier
:description "A library for constructing and evaluating cubic Bézier curve paths."
:author ("Michael Fiano <>")
:author "Michael Fiano <>"
:license "MIT"
:homepage ""
:homepage ""
:version "0.1.0"
:encoding :utf-8
:depends-on (#:golden-utils
:depends-on (#:mfiano-utils
:pathname "src"
:serial t

@ -1,6 +1,8 @@
(in-package #:cubic-bezier)
(u:define-constant +matrix+ (dm4:mat -1 3 -3 1 3 -6 3 0 -3 3 0 0 1 0 0 0) :test #'equalp)
(u:define-constant +matrix+
(dm4:mat -1d0 3d0 -3d0 1d0 3d0 -6d0 3d0 0d0 -3d0 3d0 0d0 0d0 1d0 0d0 0d0 0d0)
:test #'equalp)
(defstruct (curve
(:constructor %make-curve)
@ -59,8 +61,19 @@ path. To be valid, there must be at least 4 points, any increment of 3 thereafte
:for (a b c d) :on points :by #'cdddr
:for index :of-type fixnum :from 0
:when (< index segment-count)
:do (vector-push-extend (dm4:mat (m4:mat (v4:vec a) (v4:vec b) (v4:vec c) (v4:vec d)))
(geometry curve)))
:do (locally (declare (type v3:vec a b c d))
(v3:with-components ((a a) (b b) (c c) (d d))
(m4:with-components ((m (m4:mat ax ay az 0f0
bx by bz 0f0
cx cy cz 0f0
dx dy dz 0f0)))
(locally (declare (type m4:mat m))
(dm4:mat (float m00 1d0) (float m10 1d0) (float m20 1d0) (float m30 1d0)
(float m01 1d0) (float m11 1d0) (float m21 1d0) (float m31 1d0)
(float m02 1d0) (float m12 1d0) (float m22 1d0) (float m32 1d0)
(float m03 1d0) (float m13 1d0) (float m23 1d0) (float m33 1d0))
(geometry curve)))))))
(setf (arc-lengths-update curve) t)
@ -87,9 +100,10 @@ segment.)"
(error "Invalid number of points: ~s." point-count))
(verify-points points)
(let* ((geometry (geometry curve))
(last-index (1- (length geometry)))
(shared-point (v3:vec (dv3:vec (dm4:get-column (aref geometry last-index) 3)))))
(add-geometry curve (cons shared-point points))
(last-index (1- (length geometry))))
(dv4:with-components ((m (dm4:get-column (aref geometry last-index) 3)))
(dv3:with-components ((v (dv3:vec mx my mz)))
(add-geometry curve (cons (v3:vec (float vx 1f0) (float vy 1f0) (float vz 1f0)) points))))
(defun edit-point (curve index value)
@ -99,7 +113,10 @@ as constructed with `#'origin.vec3:vec`."
(let ((matrix (aref geometry matrix-index)))
(dm4:set-column! matrix matrix value column-index))))
(u:mvlet* ((geometry (geometry curve))
(value (dv4:vec (dv3:vec value)))
(value (dv4:vec (float (v3:x value) 1d9)
(float (v3:y value) 1d0)
(float (v3:z value) 1d0)
(quot rem (floor (1- index) 3))
(matrix-index (max 0 quot))
(column-index (if (zerop index) 0 (1+ rem))))
@ -170,9 +187,11 @@ to allow for uses such as animation along a curve with a constant velocity."
(zerop x))
(decf index)
(setf x 1))
(dm4:*v4 (dm4:* (aref geometry index) +matrix+) (dv4:vec (* x x x) (* x x) x 1))))))
(setf x (float x 1d0))
(v4:with-components ((v (dm4:*v4
(dm4:* (aref geometry index) +matrix+)
(dv4:vec (* x x x) (* x x) x 1d0))))
(v3:vec (float vx 1f0) (float vy 1f0) (float vz 1f0)))))
(u:fn-> collect-points (curve fixnum &key (:even-spacing-p boolean)) list)
(defun collect-points (curve count &key even-spacing-p)

@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
(#:dm4 #:origin.dmat4)
(#:m4 #:origin.mat4)
(#:point3d #:origin.geometry.point3d)
(#:u #:golden-utils)
(#:u #:mfiano-utils)
(#:v3 #:origin.vec3)
(#:v4 #:origin.vec4))
(:use #:cl)