An optimized 1-dimensional array of fixnums that automatically re-adjusts in size.
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(in-package #:dynamic-array)
(declaim (inline %make-array))
(defstruct (dynamic-array
(:constructor %make-array)
(:conc-name nil)
(:predicate nil)
(:copier nil))
(data (cl:make-array 0 :element-type t) :type simple-vector)
(initial-element 0)
(fill-pointer 0 :type fixnum))
(u:define-printer (dynamic-array stream :type nil)
(format stream "~{~a~^ ~}"
(coerce (subseq (data dynamic-array) 0 (fill-pointer dynamic-array)) 'list)))
(defun make-array (&key (size 0) (capacity 128) (element-type t)
(assert (<= size capacity))
(let ((data (cl:make-array capacity :element-type element-type :initial-element initial-element)))
(%make-array :data data :initial-element initial-element :fill-pointer size)))
(u:fn-> copy (dynamic-array) dynamic-array)
(defun copy (dynamic-array)
(declare (optimize speed))
(%make-array :data (u:copy-array (data dynamic-array))
:initial-element (initial-element dynamic-array)
:fill-pointer (fill-pointer dynamic-array)))
(u:fn-> length (dynamic-array) fixnum)
(declaim (inline length))
(defun length (dynamic-array)
(fill-pointer dynamic-array))
(u:fn-> aref (dynamic-array fixnum) t)
(declaim (inline aref))
(defun aref (dynamic-array index)
(declare (optimize speed))
(if (< index (fill-pointer dynamic-array))
(locally (declare (optimize (safety 0)))
(cl:aref (data dynamic-array) index))
(error "Index out of bounds.")))
(u:fn-> (setf aref) (t dynamic-array fixnum) t)
(declaim (inline (setf aref)))
(defun (setf aref) (value dynamic-array index)
(declare (optimize speed))
(if (< index (fill-pointer dynamic-array))
(locally (declare (optimize (safety 0)))
(setf (cl:aref (data dynamic-array) index) value))
(error "Index out of bounds.")))
(u:fn-> pop (dynamic-array &optional boolean) t)
(declaim (inline pop))
(defun pop (dynamic-array &optional delete-p)
(declare (optimize speed))
(let ((data (data dynamic-array))
(length (fill-pointer dynamic-array)))
(unless (zerop length)
(prog1 (cl:aref data (decf (fill-pointer dynamic-array)))
(when delete-p
(setf (cl:aref data (1- length)) nil))))))
(u:fn-> push (dynamic-array t) dynamic-array)
(defun push (dynamic-array value)
(declare (optimize speed))
(let* ((data (data dynamic-array))
(length (cl:length data))
(fill-pointer (fill-pointer dynamic-array)))
(when (= fill-pointer length)
(let ((data (adjust-array
(max 16 (min (* length 2) most-positive-fixnum))
:initial-element (initial-element dynamic-array))))
(setf (data dynamic-array) data)))
(locally (declare (optimize (safety 0)))
(setf (cl:aref (data dynamic-array) fill-pointer) value)
(incf (fill-pointer dynamic-array)))
(u:fn-> map (dynamic-array function) null)
(defun map (dynamic-array func)
(declare (optimize speed))
(loop :for i :below (length dynamic-array)
:for element = (aref dynamic-array i)
:do (funcall func element)))
(u:fn-> find (dynamic-array t &key (:test function) (:key function)) t)
(declaim (inline find))
(defun find (dynamic-array item &key (test #'eql) key)
(declare (optimize speed))
(cl:find item (data dynamic-array) :key key :test test))