My Emacs configuration.
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Michael Fiano d8a9bd3ea3
2 months ago
mf-key-bindings.el Update. 2 months ago
mf-pkg-builtin.el Update. 2 months ago
mf-pkg-completion.el Remove corfu completion as it doesn't play nicely with SLY's built-in company completion support. 3 months ago
mf-pkg-editing.el Restore previous Lisp editing packages. 3 months ago
mf-pkg-lang-common-lisp.el Update. 2 months ago
mf-pkg-lang-elisp.el Minor: Re-format binding alignment 8 months ago
mf-pkg-lang-lisp.el Add racket-mode. 2 months ago
mf-pkg-lang-org.el Update 4 months ago
mf-pkg-lang-racket.el Add racket-mode. 2 months ago
mf-pkg-lang-scheme.el Add stub for scheme language 8 months ago
mf-pkg-project.el Remove magit-extras 4 months ago
mf-pkg-startup.el Remove the :global-bind macro to get rid of some code duplication, instead encoding it into :bind 4 months ago
mf-pkg-ui.el Change font sizes. 3 months ago
mf-pkg-util.el Tell 'rg' to use only one thread, for reproducible ordering. 4 months ago
mf-pkg-window.el Update. 2 months ago
mf-settings.el Set native compilation job count. 4 months ago
mf-setup.el Fix for :bind setup.el macro 4 months ago
mf-util.el More work on project workspaces. 4 months ago